“By His Spirit” Prayer Retreat Uplifts AIU Church

Reported by Dr. Maxine Newell, Health Ministries Leader, AIU Church  “By His Spirit” Prayer Retreat ran from Thursday evening at 7pm until after lunch on Sunday afternoon (October 12-15).  It was a powerful mixture of talks/workshops, united prayer and prayer...

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by AIU Church Communication Department 

Dr. Alfredo Gomeri Agustin, a distinguished senior lecturer within the Faculty of Religious Studies at Asia-Pacific International University (AIU), delivered an inspiring Sabbath sermon titled “The End-Time People of God, The Remnant,” urging believers to delve into the books of Daniel and Revelation for deeper insights into the final events and a profound understanding of Jesus Christ, our Savior. 

During his sermon, Dr. Agustin delineated the structure of the book of Revelation into three distinct parts: historical, central, and eschatological. He elucidated the Adventist theological perspective, highlighting the historical segment’s portrayal of the seven churches, seals, and trumpets symbolizing various epochs of human history. The central section, he underscored, delves into the great controversy, while the eschatological portion focuses on the culmination of events in the last days. 

Furthermore, Dr. Agustin expounded upon the five defining characteristics of the remnant church, emphasizing its possession of a distinctive message, patient endurance, adherence to God’s commandments, testimony of Jesus, and the faith of Jesus. Drawing upon biblical passages such as Romans 10:17 and Luke 17:5, he emphasized the pivotal role of immersing oneself in the Word of God for the growth of faith, coupled with sincere prayers for its augmentation. 

In essence, Dr. Agustin’s sermon served as a clarion call for believers to deepen their understanding of prophetic scriptures, particularly Daniel and Revelation, in order to glean profound insights into the unfolding of end-time events and to fortify their spiritual journey. Through a blend of scholarly exegesis and practical exhortation, he encouraged the congregation to embody the characteristics of the remnant church and nurture unwavering faith in God.