“By His Spirit” Prayer Retreat Uplifts AIU Church

Reported by Dr. Maxine Newell, Health Ministries Leader, AIU Church  “By His Spirit” Prayer Retreat ran from Thursday evening at 7pm until after lunch on Sunday afternoon (October 12-15).  It was a powerful mixture of talks/workshops, united prayer and prayer...

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by AIU Church Communication Department 

In a captivating sermon delivered on February 24 Sabbath, Dr. Edison Samraj, Director of Education at the Southern Asia Division, engaged congregants with a profound discourse on the journey “From Brokenness to Wholeness”. The sermon, presented at the Asia-Pacific International University (AIU) Church left a lasting impact on the audience, drawing from both biblical teachings and tangible symbolism.

Dr. Samraj’s dynamic presentation resonated deeply with the congregation, particularly the youth, as he skillfully wove together scripture with real-life analogies. Using an earthen pot as a visual aid, he vividly demonstrated the concept of brokenness. With a simple yet powerful act, he dropped the pot, shattering it into several pieces, eliciting a tangible representation of human frailty and imperfection.

Inviting congregants to participate actively in the sermon, Dr. Samraj urged them to each pick up a piece of the broken pot, symbolizing their own personal brokenness. This interactive approach not only engaged the audience but also facilitated a profound introspection among attendees.

Drawing from biblical teachings, Dr. Samraj emphasized the inherent sinful nature inherited from Adam, dating back thousands of years. However, he offered a message of hope, highlighting the transformative power of redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ. By emphasizing the possibility of spiritual renewal and wholeness, Dr. Samraj instilled a sense of optimism and faith in the congregation.

The sermon concluded with a sense of reverence and gratitude among the church members, who expressed feeling blessed by the profound message delivered by Dr. Edison Samraj. As congregants departed, they carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and a reminder of their journey from brokenness to wholeness, inspired by the timeless teachings of scripture and the uplifting words of Dr. Samraj.

In a world marked by turmoil and uncertainty, Dr. Samraj’s sermon serves as a beacon of hope, reminding believers of the enduring promise of spiritual restoration and renewal.