“By His Spirit” Prayer Retreat Uplifts AIU Church

Reported by Dr. Maxine Newell, Health Ministries Leader, AIU Church  “By His Spirit” Prayer Retreat ran from Thursday evening at 7pm until after lunch on Sunday afternoon (October 12-15).  It was a powerful mixture of talks/workshops, united prayer and prayer...

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NEWSTART© Formula for a Healthy New Year

By Joy Kuttappan, Asst. Coordinator, AIU Church Communication In the smartphone-frenzy world, many of us don’t have time to ponder on the saying, ‘Health is wealth.’ But taking a little time off from the ‘frenziness’ and planning the healthy matters for the new year...

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By Leandra Faith Remond, Communication Assistant, AIU Church 


Dr. Youssry Guirguis, the Dean of AIU’s Faculty of Religious Studies, delivered an inspiring sermon titled “Pharaoh Ants” during the Sabbath service on August 19, 2023, to the AIU Church congregation. 

Starting with Proverbs chapter six, Dr. Youssry emphasized the need for caution against the appeal of immoral behavior and its consequences. 

The passage highlights ants’ industriousness, which leads Dr. Youssry to present three important lessons from Pharaoh ants: 

  1. Symbol of Diligence and Hard Work: Pharaoh ants symbolize diligence and intelligence. Their unwavering commitment within their colony promotes adopting moral values from ants and recognizing the consequences of laziness.
  2. Persistence and Perseverance: Guirguis shared a captivating story of a Pharaoh ant’s relentless attempts to carry a corn kernel despite numerous failures, finally succeeding on the seventieth try. This illustrates the importance of perseverance in adversity, drawing a parallel to the faith of Christians who rely on God’s provisions.
  3. Virtue and Ethical Behavior: Some cultures associate ants with righteousness which underscores the value of ethical conduct. As an educator, Youssry strongly advocated for independent thinking over imitation, highlighting the value of drawing inspiration from ants to nurture wisdom and godliness.

Dr. Youssry concluded by reminding the congregation that by observing and emulating the hardworking traits of Pharaoh ants, the people of God can derive important life lessons and cultivate Christ-like values as people of God.