Bible Study / Sabbath School

Bible study and Sabbath School is a terrific way to meet new people and go a little deeper into the Bible on Sabbath mornings. The groups vary in size and language, but the goal is the same: connecting the Bible to our daily lives. Each person can find a group that they enjoy learning and discussing with; you’re invited to check out a class any time during the week. Children and teenagers can take classes as well. 

Sabbath School Class NameLeaderLocation
African English Class 5 Dr. Elvin WalembaConference Room of FOS 
Cambodian ​Mr. Rey Mom IT128
Chinese Class​Mr. Yang Xun ​IT 122
English Class 1 Dr. Noah BalrajIn front of the center of the stage
English class 2 Mr. Jayaraj Chinniah Rear left side of the auditorium 
English Class 3 Dr. Naltan Lampadan Right side of the auditorium 
English Class 4 Mr. Sundaresan Mohanlingam Rear side of the center rows of the auditorium (in front of the AV room) 
English Class 6 (South Asian Club) Mr. Joy KuttappanIT211
Faculty of Science Dr. Maxine Newell At the rear of the auditorium, on the left of the right main door
Filipino ​Mr. Edwin Aure ​Front left side of the auditorium, Left side from the left entrance door
FRS SS ClassJerome Benggon Balcony left side
Indonesian ​Dr. Franklin Hutabarat​Right side of the right main door of the auditorium
Karen SS Class​Mr. Sorawit Richard​Front of the auditorium, next to Dr. Noah’s class
Malaysian ​Dr. Gerard Bernard​Balcony, right side facing the stage 
Myanmar Dr. Kham Khan KhaiCenter rear near the camera stand
Post-Baptism Class ​Pr. Mahaingam Varah​CH 210 B