9 AM Bible Study / Sabbath School

It’s a terrific way to meet new people and go a little deeper into the Bible during Saturday morning Bible Study Groups and Classes. Various group sizes and methods are available, but the goal is the same: connecting the Bible to our daily lives. Each person should find a group that they enjoy, and you’re invited to check out a class any time during the week. Children and teenagers can take classes as well. Classes will be held through Zoom or Microsoft Teams during the Pandemic; to join one of these sessions, simply click on the URLs provided below.

Thai Language

Mr. Nakhon and Mrs. Thanthip

Meeting ID: 831 5962 7674

Passcode: sda777

English Study Class

Mr. Pradeep and Mrs. Nola

Meeting ID: 891 8489 2275

Passcode: 913971

English & Thai

Mrs. Esther Varah

Indonesian Language

Dr. Franklin Hutabarat


Dr. Kham Khan Khai

Bible Study Class

Pr. Varah and Dr. Nebres

English Study Class

Dr. Naltan Lampadan

Meeting ID: 799 383 4750

English Study Class

Mrs. Nella and Mr. Edwardson Pedragosa

Praise Him & Friends

English Study Class

Stalin Moses Penumaka assisted by Dr. Wayne Hamra

Young Adult English Study Class

Mr. Farrel and Mrs. Hazel Gara

Bahasa Malaysia

Dr. Gerard Bernard

Shared through Malaysian Club Whatsapp group

10 AM – Worship

This is the time when we come together to praise God in a common language, to confess our sins to one another, and to feel the need for community.

With a nod to ancient worship, our space encourages us to stay present and think about God’s future. It is our intention to wrestle with our sacred book in a real and current manner, listening for the voice of Christ in the process. We believe you’ll feel comfortable during your stay with us.