“And the little children shall lead them” (Isaiah 11:6)


By Joy Kuttappan, Assistant Coordinator, AIU Church Communication


After serving the church schools in the Philippines, Teacher Mirma moved to the Adventist International Mission School (AIMS) thirteen years ago. At AIMS, she is very creative and passionate about sharing Jesus with the kindergartners.


For Teacher Mirma, “Teaching is a mission.” To substantiate that, she quotes George Knight who said, “The Seventh-day Adventist Church exists for only one reason: MISSION, especially end-time mission as the planet Earth moves toward the long-awaited eschaton.”


While she was in the Philippines, she worked in the church schools where all her students were Christians but not from the Adventist homes. Moreover, she used a lot of methods to let them know more about Jesus by singing songs about God, making them memorize verses from the Bible, playing Bible games, and also reading Bible to them.


But after moving to AIMS, she has been with the kindergartners and continuing the mission with different activities to let children know about Jesus.


According to Teacher Mirma, first and foremost, she takes care of them with a motherly attitude and kindness as the ways of showing them the love of Jesus. Also, because they are kindergarteners, she teaches them songs about God and always prays with them.


She further tells that, “Even though My students here are not Christians, they learn to love God. I tell stories from the Bible and they retell, or give their reflections or takeaways or illustrate the story after listening.”


Teacher Mirma concluded her experience with the kindergartners by quoting Isaiah 11:6 “And the little children shall lead them”. She also shared some cute videos of the little ones talking about Jesus, and also encouraged us to involve in the mission to spread the love of Jesus.

Click the links below to watch the five-year-old children presenting Jesus to us.