Children’s Ministries and Family Ministries of AIU Organize “Kids in Discipleship” Seminar

By AIU Church Communication with input from Mrs. Chalermsri Ritthitraiphop

Children Ministries Department and Family Ministries Department of AIU Church organized a seminar, “Kids in Discipleship”, on the Sabbath afternoon of March 26. Dr. Surachet Insom, Mrs. Faridah Lausin, Ms. Rojean Marcia, and Khun Piamporn Yangkullawat were the presenters.

There were four sessions, and each session was well-attended by the teachers, parents, and university students.

In the first session, Dr. Surachet Insom shared a website and other resources that can be used to teach children. The second session was led by Mrs. Faridah Lausin, and she delivered the main message on the theme, “Kids in Discipleship.” Through her message, Mrs. Faridah encouraged that ‘we need to be disciples first before making children the disciples of Christ.’

During the third session, Ms. Rojean Marcia shared ideas on “How to Write a Children’s Story?” In her presentation, Ms. Rojean encouraged the storytellers to have a focus and not to forget the conclusion of the story. Finally, during the last session, Khun Piamporn Yangkullawat presented a short video clip on how to tell a children’s story.

Mrs. Chalermsri Ritthitraiphop, one of the Children Ministries leaders of AIU thanked the Church for the support. She also said, “We hope and pray that all those who attended the seminar received enough benefits from this seminar. Also, we would like to thank God for His leading, and Khun Katthiya Katiya, TAM Children’s Ministries Director for her support.”