By Joy Kuttappan, Assistant Coordinator, AIU Church Communication

The AIU Church celebrated the Communion Service on September 25, the thirteenth Sabbath of quarter three, with many church members joining virtually.  Dr. Alfredo Augustin led the church in the service with a message entitled, “Join the Celebration.” In his message, Dr. Augustin encouraged the believers by sharing four reasons why we should celebrate the holy communion.  

As the first reason, Dr. Augustin said that “it was instituted and mandated by Jesus,” (1 Corinthians 11:23), and therefore we should celebrate it. Secondly, he said “it’s a memorial” of our Lord’s death who makes our deliverance from the bondage of sin possible. Thirdly, he said “it’s a proclamation” of the Lord’s return (1 Corinthians 11:26). Fourthly, he said “it’s a communion” to express our desire with other believers. Thus, he encouraged everyone to join the supper of the Lord, and Dr. Wayne Hembra translated the message into Thai.  

After the message, the deacons traveled to respective homes to distribute the emblems of bread and wine. This was arranged between 10:30-11:00am and then the church partook the bread and wine together at 11:40am. Even though it was a virtual ceremony, the believers wholeheartedly participated to receive the blessing.