Nine-year-old Nathan Lyniel Roque was the Divine Service Speaker

By Mr. Joy Kuttappan, Assistant Coordinator, AIU Church Communication

The Adventurer Club ‘courageously’ led the AIU Church with a wonderful church service on May 28, 2022. Nine-year-old Nathan Lyniel Roque was the Divine Service Speaker.

The first part of the program was the inspirational song service during the Sabbath School led by Samantha, Kamy, Danissa, and Alice, followed by the opening prayer by Gabriela Joy and welcome by Scott.

After that, a group of selected Adventurers displayed the acrostic, INVEST FOR JESUS, with each letter having a meaningful message for the church members, and that was followed by a group song and then a talk by Kamy on the importance of investing for Jesus.

Once the Sabbath School was over, Master Guide Nalton Lampadan welcomed the church to the divine service. He also offered a special prayer for Mr. Pradeep Tudu and Mrs. Nola Tudu as they are moving to a new mission field.

Scott Hector prayed for the tithes and offerings. Also, as part of the offertory, the Adventurer leaders performed an inspirational angklung instrumental.

Gabriela Joy presented the children’s story based on the story of Queen Esther. After that, the Precious Hands Ensemble presented a song of praise.

Among the several highlights of the Sabbath service, the sermon delivered by Nathan Lyniel Roque was very special, too. Nine-year-old Nathan has been a child preacher since four years old, and he spoke on the topic: “Standing Brave and Courageous.” In his sermon, he pointed out several Bible characters who courageously stood for God and His truth, and he encouraged the congregation to be courageous, too.

MG Mallen Pasco-Cortes, the director of the Adventurer Club, while talking to the AIU Church Communication, emphasized that ‘the instructors and leaders of the groups have common goals and objectives, they are to build camaraderie among our young people in the church through music, and to train them to be the next leaders of the church.’

She further said that, “I believe if our young people are happy and recognized by the church community, they will stay in the church and lead when it’s time for them to lead. Their hearts and minds will be opened for service in the Lord when they grow up. We, the instructors and leaders were trained by our church and schools way back then, we are just showing it to our young people today what they will be someday.”

MG Mallen also thanked Mr. and Mrs. Neil and Lei Roque for allowing Nathan Lyniel Roque to be the speaker during the Divine Worship. Also, Mrs. Lei sent a message and she said, “Please extend our gratitude to the program team and to the church for the wonderful opportunity to serve. We are humbled and blessed by the warm hospitality, their kind words, for everyone’s appreciation and for making us feel at home. May the good Lord bless each family in the AIU church and may the children who served be a shining beacon to the church and to the whole community.”

The whole service was a beautiful experience for the church due to the concerted effort of the Adventurer Club Director, Deputy Directors, and Counselors. AIU Church Communication, on behalf of the AIU Church, would like to thank the Adventurer Director MG Marlene Pasco-Cortes who coordinated and assigned the participants in the Divine worship, and the following Deputy Directors and Counselors: MG Mirma Naag who led the Sabbath School program, MG Joan Sabado, MG Rosemarie Acosta, MG Linda Paw, MIT Lyle Sabado, MIT Marge Amparo, and MITs from APIU Master Guide Club.

Also, special thanks and appreciation to Ms. Mella Mae Villoso-Rom who trained the Adventures in the String and Angklung Ensembles, and Mrs. Kathleen Hondo Yonathan who trained the children’s choir.