AIU Church Observes Education Day

By Joy Kuttappan, Assistant Coordinator, AIU Church Communication

Mrs. Ritha Maidom, the AIU Vice-president for Academics appealed the AIU Church congregation, particularly the Adventist educators, to be “Living Letters” in her sermon on August 21, 2021. She emphasized the importance of the ministry of the Adventist educators in this crucial time on the special Sabbath emphasizing the ‘Education Day.’                                      

In the sermon, Mrs. Ritha also cautioned that the “forgotten mission” and “self-reliance” are the two current threats to the Adventist Education. In order to overcome these threats, she appealed the educators to take their mission as a sacred responsibility. The vice-president further substantiated the ‘sacred responsibility’ by quoting from Ellen G White’s writing, that says: “In the highest sense the works of education and redemption are one.”

Mrs. Ritha concluded the message from 2 Corinthians 3:3 by reminding the educators that “God needs to always clean our hearts to become living letters.”

On the same Sabbath, during the Sabbath School program, Serah Clarence, a senior student, as part of the Mission Spotlight, highlighted the mission through education in the TPI Factory in Muak Lek.” TPI is a home for workers who are mostly Hmong families.

The students from the Science and Public Health departments got involved in this special mission and they taught basic hygiene like brushing teeth and washing hands to the children of the factory workers. They also conducted a basic health checkup for the adults of the community by checking their blood pressure and treating lice. AIU students also played music for the children and had other activities with the children. In the end, the students and the Hmong families had a meal together that the AIU students prepared.